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News & Events

  • Check out Nohas 'Sound Kinetic' Project: the sound kinetic project using the Woo!Board will be presented during the examination week on GUC Campus.
  • Woo!Board exhibited at Darb1718 in Cairo: during the Formula Mundi Filmfest 2012, the two Woo!Boards will be exhibited at the Cultural Center Darb 1718 in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Workshop at German University in Cairo: Christian is lecturing a workshop about sound spatialization at the GUC experimenting, exploring and creating content for the Woo!Board during the Activity Week in May 2012.
  • Workshop at Tallinn Music Academy: Christian is lecturing a workshop at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theartre on Music and Physical Interaction using the Wii. 26. - 30. March 2012.
  • The Woo!Board: We are working on our first media intervention. Right now we are building a second board, so that we can start working on interacting and interfering sounds by the movement of the two boards. The plan is to go to Darb Al Ahmar to observe how people in a rather poor and underdeveloped area of Cairo will use a device like that. Especially how they will perceive the interaction of movement and sound. We asume, as the board is made of wood, and the technical devices are hidden, people will have no fear to use it. As soon as a date is settled we will anounce it here.

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